About Me !!!

Hi All :
My name is    Vasudha Pappu ,trader, educator and a Stocks Technical Analyst, and I am excited to share with you my experiences studying and trading the markets and to hear from you regarding your experiences, challenges, and frustrations, and successes.In this  blog  I intend to  maintain   a  complete  technical  analysis   of the     top    Indian   Stocks   in the  BSE  30  index  and also  comment   upon  the  general  USA  stock market    outlook.  My goal is to create a community dedicated to reaching out to those who are committed to make their money work for them with a strategic portfolio plan .
After some bad trades following some early large successes (due to overconfidence and over-leverage), fear gripped me to the core and I spent the next three years oscillating between love and hate for the Stock Market and committed to learning as much as I could before committing more money to the active investing in the market. I started believing in the two most oldest forms of technical analysis called the POINT and FIGURE theory and the CANDLE STICK THEORY . After years of continuous pursuit I can boldly say that I have :

Point & Figure Analysis :
 Good exposure to investment management using the Point & Figure technique
 Thorough understanding of top-down analysis in the stock selection process with an ascending order emphasis on
- Asset Allocation and customized Risk Analysis
- Market Analysis
- Sector Analysis
- Stock Pattern
- Target and stop-loss.
 Clear understanding of the concept of Relative Strength using different Relative Strength tools

Technical Analysis :
 A very clear understanding of all the major continuation and reversal patterns of the market
 Thorough and practical usage of short ,intermediate and major trends
 Broader understanding of Elliot Wave Theory to help anticipate future market movements.
 Application knowledge of momentum oscillators to check for any divergences with the overall market
 Better understanding of all candle stick patterns, both on daily and weekly charts.
 Precise calculation of targets and stop-loss levels using simple and exponential moving averages in conjunction with Bollinger bands and Fibonacci retracements

I deeply enjoy education, research, and analysis and would love to help you to improve your edge in portfolio management using Mutual funds, ETF’s Stocks and Options.

I believe that my forte is :

1. I can select the best performing funds in the entire group of your 401 K
2. Suggest a Low risk time in the stock market for putting your money to work in 401 K and IRA ‘s
3. Recommend best performing ETF’s for investments in your ROTH IRA’s
4. Guide all the Option plays with strict set of rules , giving room for sufficient leverage , and at the same time remembering that Capital Preservation and Growth is our prime goal.

Shoot me any technical analysis Q on any stock you prefer and I will get back to you at the earliest . Finally , lets’s Make our money work for US .!!!!!