Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stocks that I love in today's Market :

 Now  that   Market  is  showing   a  little    bit   signs  of  upside   (  shown  by the  confirmation of my Advanced    P  & F  indicators )    , I  am  seeing    a few   stocks that  I am   loving today !!!
Lets  analyze  those  stocks  :

The  following is  a  the  Technical   Analysis of   stocks  that  I am keenly   watching   /Love  to  BUY
Stocks I love to Watch / Buy today 

   The  Point    &  Figure   Charts     for   all the  above  stocks are

Point and Figure Charts for the above mentioned Bullish stocks

   All  these  stocks that I am  watching   have  the  following in  common
  • All   are trading   above  their   super  bullish    UPTREND line   today   inspite  of   all  wash  out  we have    seen in the month of  MAY .
  •   All  have   Relative  strength    BUY  when  compared to  the  entire  market ...  meaning  that these   stocks    will be  preferred  when market  moves to the  upside   and   that these  will  have the   minimum  downside if  the whole  market  decides  to   go  down.
  • All  of them   have   the  best   possible   Moving  Averages  alignment of  20 day    above   50 day  above  200   day.
  •   Most  of them    are confirming  some  beautiful  upside  breakout  technical  patterns like  cup  and  handle,  inverse    Head  and  Shoulder ... etc...
  With all these   Bullish  outlooks   ,I  would  prefer  to   buyone  or more  of  only these  stocks  , today  ..    My  list   could  expand  or  decrease  in the   weeks to come..  But today  I  love  these  stocks  ONLY !!!

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