Monday, July 26, 2010

It's a beautiful Emerging Markets Out there !!!

  The     Emerging   markets  are  showing    immense  strength  and  greater  propensity     for upside     when   compared   to the  US  and other  developed  markets .
Let's  Analyse      How:

  •   In this   period  between    April  -  July  while     the  US  stock  market  primary index    S & P  500   has been   making  lower  lows  , all the   emerging  markets    like    Singapore , Malaysia , Hongkong , India ,  Thailand , South Korea , have     been   showing       great  signs of  consolidations  forming   nice  ascending triangles  .  Lets   see  some  more charts

    The  following   are  the   charts  of  the  Hongkong   and Singapore .  All of  the  emerging markets   have the   following  bullish    characteristics in common
  1. All   trading  above their   200 day    , 50  day  and  20  day EMA 's  breaking out of  beautiful consolidation patterns .
  2.  All of them having     nice +ve    Divergences  in teh MACD .
  3.   The   Relative   strength   wrt   the S& P is       on a   buy signal .
  4.   The  following is  the   link  for the  bullish   Point and   figure charts   of the   above mentioned   ETf's
So  I suggest that   ,if  having any  interest  to  join the   widely    expected   rally   ,   be  sure   to  add some  emerging  market  countries ETF's  or   individual   "good  stocks"  to your  portfolio   ...

Happy  Investing !!!

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